1) Setup

  • Have a connection between optilyz and Marketing Cloud established. To do this, have a look in advance in our guides for the respective connection:

2) Plan Automation / Mailing

  • Define use case -> Frequent use cases:

    • Cross- & upselling (also within other use cases such as reactivation and Co.)

    • reactivation

    • Seasonal & sale promotions

    • Customer loyalty campaigns

    • More about it here.

  • Rely on the right segmentation: here.

3) Prepare designs

  • Download our Design Resources / Templates in your account.

  • Read through the design guidelines.

  • Check out how to prepare your design for printing here.

  • Finding the appropriate format:

    • Rather, rely on personalized, very well-performing standard formats such as letters and enveloped postcards instead of expensive, unusual formats that do not have a positive effect on performance.

    • Read this blog article (topic: “Why you should use personalized standard formats instead of fancy“ origami self-mailers”).

    • Take a look at our case studies.

4) Create designs 

- Graphics: Creation of the print materials

Important! 2 versions are always required - create graphics (e.g. A4 letters) using the design resources / templates from optilyz:

  • Blank print file: file in which the fields that should be personalized later are empty. (Name, address, individual fields etc.)

  • Personalized sample for programming: The same file as the print file, but the fields are indicated using square brackets so that optilyz can program each individual field in the correct position.

  • You can find detailed information on this here.

Blank print file

Personalized sample

5) Prepare 1: 1 image personalization 

- Graphics: image quality & image urls

When creating a mailing that includes a 1: 1 image personalisation, you have a number of options for designing it.

Texts and images can not only be displayed one below the other and next to one another, but also overlap. The number of individual fields is not limited. This means that there are almost no limits to the design - except for the print and post-specific requirements.

  • Send some image URLs to optilyz contact persons in advance to check the resolution & Co. to ensure that the selected images are suitable for printing:

    • Carefully review images in InDesign or Photoshop for resolution.

    • Every image has a resolution of at least 250 dpi.

    • The images have the same aspect ratio so that nothing shifts when scaled.

    • The images are all created in the same image format (e.g. JPG).

    • Images are laid out in CMYK (print colors).

    • optilyz always needs URLs in the following format:

    • optilyz software examines all fields according to the above format and saves the images for programming.

    • It is essential to avoid: Inconsistent URLs that optilyz does not recognize as image URLs, e.g. -> If this is not the case, this leads to considerable problems when downloading the data.

    • This may mean that not all images can be found, which leads to programming errors.

    • Nice to have: Images are almost the same size as they should be on the printed version. (-> Info: Can of course always be scaled down by our service providers, but can cause higher programming costs!)

    • optilyz gives feedback on the respective images.

6) Special Requirements - Emarsys

  • 1:1 picture personalisation via Emarsys > Perso Service:
    In order to benefit from the 1: 1 image personalization you have to activate the personalization service. With the help of this feature, customer data (images, text or other customization fields) are transmitted to optilyz via the Emarsys “personalization service” using a token / code.

  • The tokens / codes required for data mapping must first be generated in order to then be assigned to the individualization fields of your direct mailing visual.

  • Step-by-step instructions here.

  • Article from Emarsys here (please log into the Emarsys Help Center beforehand).

7) Special Requirements - Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Using several voucher codes and assigning each variation: Article here.

  • Step-by-step instructions here.

8) Create automation on optilyz & activate it in your Marketing Cloud

  • Create automation at optilyz: (see also here)

    • Trigger options

    • Data mapping

    • Address validation

    • Select mailing materials

    • Upload of the blank print files

    • Upload the personalized example

    • View summary

    • Important: add control addresses if necessary! You can find important information on control addresses here.

    • Put automation live - important! Otherwise the optilyz automation cannot be controlled within your customer journey.

  • Build automation within the Marketing Cloud into a new or existing customer journey.

  • Segmentation mailing: Several segments can be combined within an automation. The correct data and graphics are assigned to the appropriate recipients in the segments. 
    In this way, different target groups can also be addressed within an automation with 1:1 image personalisation.

    • Within the marketing cloud, the different visuals may be assigned to the individual segments in the customer journey.

9) Marketing clouds - finalise automation

  • Segment customer groups within the Marketing Cloud depending on the use case.

  • If necessary, adjust the fields within the Marketing Cloud so that the individual contacts have the correct images stored.

  • Field naming can be flexible according to your wishes, only needs to be specified in the example exactly as named within your Marketing Cloud (see example above - “Create 4 designs”).

  • Mailing is triggered on optilyz.

  • Data cleansing: The incoming contacts are checked and validated by optilyz Basic data cleansing.

  • For mailings with more than 10,000 recipients, you also have the voluntary option of premium data cleansing (address factory).

  • In addition, the optilyz system automatically checks the graphics.

  • With 1: 1 image perso: Test PDF for checking the individual fields received from optilyz.

  • Approve mailing for optilyz after checking the PDF.

10) Printing & Shipping

  • Mailing is printed, delivered to the post office and recipients at PAL.

  • Here you will find information on printing times.

  • Here you will find information on delivery times.