We recommend using voucher codes so that you can track the success of your campaign. Important insights and optimization potential can usually be obtained from this.


Voucher codes for automations via Marketing Cloud


In order to assign a voucher code to each recipient, you can create a voucher pool in Emarsys Omnichannel Voucher Management, in which you store all codes.

This is done via the Emarsys personalisation service. To set this up in optilyz, please follow these instructions (login Emarsys Helpcenter required).

In optilyz, the voucher token must be added in the "Visuals" step.

1.) Create token in Emarsys:

2.) Paste token to optilyz:

Warning on Noto Emoji 14.0 Important: Only 1 token per automation possible. For example, if you want to use % vs € voucher in an A/B test, you need to create 2 separate automations in optilyz.

Quick explanation and instructions:

  • Important: Emarsys → Voucher → "Voucher Management" → does not work for optilyz.
  • must be executed via Emarsys Add-On → "Omnichannel Voucher Mgmt.", if this is not active for you, please contact your Emarsys contact person.
  • If the add-on is not present or not activated, we cannot perform voucher code mapping!
  • Personalization token ("Content → Personalization")
    • Token for vouchers with the corresponding voucher pool.
    • For us on the platform, it is important to use the "ESL code {{...}}" (highlighted in yellow above), not the "personalization code" (unfortunately a confusing terminology).
    • write / copy code in the step "Visuals > Personalised vouchers > Contact data field" (not via dropdown, you won't find it there most of the time!).


You can add personalized voucher codes directly via a data extension. This happens immediately during mapping, i.e. linking the fields with optilyz:
Postage > recipients data > other variable data > Individualisation X > Browse Data Extension > choose Data Extension > Done!

Using multiple voucher codes > Please read this article: Salesforce // Multiple vouchers and vouchers per variation


To add personalized voucher codes, you must have created a voucher pool in CrossEngage: "Settings > "Vouchers" or learn here how to create a voucher pool. 

Copy the name of the code > Voucher pool name > paste > Continue > Done!

Remote Storage

If you use remote storage to transfer your data, you can assign your coupon codes as you would for a single campaign (see below).


Read here.

Voucher codes for single campaigns via CSV upload

There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. You transfer the voucher codes directly to us via your recipient list, i.e. a voucher code is assigned to each recipient within an extra column. The code can be personalised or general.

    Important: If you map via the "Individualisation" field, you do not need to do anything else.
    If you map via the "Voucher Code" field, you have to link this field to optilyz again in the 3rd step (Visuals) via drop-down menu: Visuals > Add voucher > Personalised voucher > Select CSV column > Save!
  2. For a general voucher code: Enter the code directly in your visual. You do not need to do anything else.
  3. For a general voucher code: Submit the code directly via the optilyz platform: Visuals > Add voucher > Non-personalised voucher > Code eingeben > Save!

Personalised or general voucher codes?

Personalised voucher codes are unique per recipient and allow you to accurately track individual transactions. If you want to use personalised voucher codes, you need to upload them to us via Voucher Pool from your Marketing Cloud (for Automations) or provide them via your CSV recipient list (see above).

General voucher codes are assigned to a design and all recipients receive the same code. Make sure that the code still looks like a unique code - this improves performance and can possibly prevent your code from ending up on the internet and being used freely there.

You can provide us with general codes in 3 ways:

  1. within the finished visual (so you don't need to link fields to your codes afterwards)
  2. via your Marketing Cloud / CSV list
  3. directly via our platform: Visuals > Add Vouchers > Non-personalized codes > enter code > Save!

Warning on Noto Emoji 14.0 Important: The trackability of your mailing is not as detailed as with personalised voucher codes! We always recommend personalised voucher codes!