Multiple personalized vouchers on one mail material

Some of our partners send out multiple personalized voucher codes on the same letter or postcard, as a way to encourage their customers to purchase twice or share their voucher codes with friends and family. If your company would like to send out more than one personalized voucher in a single item, you can achieve this with multiple voucher pools in Emarsys. Simply create one pool for each personalized voucher, and when you get to the data mapping step in the campaign creation process, you can map each voucher pool to an individualization in optilyz: 

Here, {{ voucher.60 }} links to a 15% off coupon for the customer, while {{ voucher.61 }} and {{ voucher.62 }} link to 10% off coupons that the customer can share with friends and family.

Your design file might look like this: 

 And the end result like this: 

Please note: every recipient of the mailing will receive a voucher from each voucher pool that is connected to optilyz in the data mapping step (as shown above).