It's now possible for our customers using Salesforce integration to select multiple data extension fields, meaning you can select more than 1 column/voucher code from your customer data. 
You can also filter data extension data by a value for each variation of your automation. This means you can have different personalised voucher codes for each variation of your automated mailing.

This is how it works:

1. Select the data extension and a data extension field in the right-hand sidebar after clicking “Browse data extensions" .

2. Add further fields from the voucher code fields dropdown and add additional fields. Selected fields will appear as labels in the dropdown.
You can also deselect the current data extension field and select others by clicking on x.

Please note:
At least 1 field must be chosen. If you try to save without selecting at least 1 field, you will receive an error message and will not be able to continue without selecting at least 1 field.

3. After selecting the required fields, you can choose between "Each voucher is assigned to a subscriber ID" and "Vouchers are not assigned to subscribers". If you choose "Each voucher is assigned to a subscriber ID", you can then add text filters for fields in your data extension. After choosing the data extension field, you can select whether you want to filter all variations by the same value (“All variations (default)”) or assign a separate value to each variation of your automation ("One filter for each variation").

If you have selected "All variations" one text input field is displayed and needs to be filled.

If you have selected "One filter for each variation", you will see one text input field for each variation that you have set up in 
the automation.

Please note: 
Each text input field that appears is required - it is not possible to leave any empty. Otherwise you will receive an error message.

After clicking "Save" your voucher mapping is finished.