Increase purchase rates with 1:1 Image Personalization

Simply connect optilyz with your data and content systems and get a real conversion booster with optilyz 1:1 Image Personalization. Add individual images to letters, post cards and self-mailers that are tailored to the needs of each customer. With the optilyz 1:1 Image Personalization, this is easily possible, which is why many companies discuss this approach as a hype-subject with us. The more relevant the approach to the customer, the more motivated they are to buy something! 

Use 1:1 Image Personalization for various use cases

Show your customers that you know their interests. Below are some examples of use cases that you could profit from. 

Cart abandonment

Your customers add items to their cart but leave the purchase process? 

Add pictures of the products that were in the abandoned cart to the mailing and add an attractive incentive. 

Product recommendation

You know what your customers like? 

Send your customers individual product recommendations. Mention products that are tailored to their usual purchases and add the relevant pictures to your mailings. 

Customer retention

Your customers regularly buy the same products? 

Send your customers a mailing with personalized incentives for products that they buy regularly. By using 1:1 Image Personalization, show them that you take their needs seriously to build loyalty.

It´s easy to set up 1:1 Image Personalization

  1. Prepare your pictures, including their IDs and upload them, for example to an SFTP server (ensure the images are of equal size and have at least 300 dpi). 
  2. Upload your InDesign document to your automation campaign. 
  3. When uploading your address data to the optilyz platform, include the Picture ID of the relevant images as an individualization. For example, "last_purchased" might be individualization1 and "picture_ID" might be individualization2. 
  4. optilyz prints and sends out your 1:1-personalized mailings quickly and reliably. 

Examples of 1:1 Image Personalization

The following examples of Contorion and Travelcircus provide you with a good idea of the potential of 1:1 Image Personalization. 

Automated 1:1 Image Personalization is successfully used to increase repurchase rates

Contorion is a leading digital specialist dealer for handicraft and industrial supplies. At its Berlin location, the company employs over 180 people. Since 2017, Contorion has belonged to the Munich Hoffmann Group, which generates sales in the billions.

Contorion has connected optilyz to its content data and systems in order to be able to use 1:1 Image Personalization with minimal setup. The respective product images and data are transferred directly to optilyz and automatically printed on the respective order form. An attractive cover letter accompanies the form bearing the slogan „Would you like more? For your reorder we offer you a 15% discount“ in the envelope. With this approach, Contorion was able to achieve an extremely profitable and relevant customer experience.

Travelcircus uses automated 1:1 Image Personalization profitably for customer retention

Travelcircus is an online booking platform for premium travel experiences. At its Berlin offices, the company employs over 45 people. Every year, Travelcircus generates tens of thousands of bookings. 

Travelcircus has integrated optilyz into its system to provide 1:1 Image Personalization with minimal effort. All customers are sent an individual maxi postcard in an envelope a few weeks

after their holidays. The front page shows a personalized holiday destination picture, hotel picture and a matching room picture. On the back page there is a personalized subject line „Sarah, it’s been a while“ and a personalized salutation „Hello Sarah“. The high recognition value as well as the personal address enables a highly emotional customer interaction, which significantly increases customer loyalty.

Get the conversion booster! 

1:1 Image Personalization is not only popular for cart abandonment and customer retention campaigns but is also often used for cross and up-selling. It generally makes sense anywhere where graphic elements are used to achieve maximum personalization and relevance. Just get in touch and we will define the ideal use case together.