Warning on Noto Emoji 14.0 Important: In order to provide you with the best possible support, all topics relating to image and text personalizations must be coordinated with us in advance. This way we can ensure that you have correct requirements and thus guarantee a smooth handover.  
Please contact or your optilyz contact person.

Level 1: Personalize visuals according to simple customer segments

A quick and easy way of image personalization that creates more relevance for the customer, because recipients feel more addressed by matching images and product worlds.

A simple segmentation can be, for example, by gender or buyer's persona, which means that the mailing has the same content and text and contains similar offers, but is graphically designed, for example, by male, female and diverse target groups. Another simple example: seniors receive a mailing that is designed differently than a female person under 40. For example, other brands or products are shown that suit the segment.

Basically, this approach makes sense wherever graphic elements are used to achieve maximum personalization and relevance.

You can find helpful tips and best practices for design in this article: Are there design best practices for direct mail?

Level 2: 1:1 image personalization

Simply connect optilyz to your data and content systems and get a real conversion booster with 1:1 image personalization. Add fully customized images (e.g. product recommendations) to letters, postcards and self-mailers, tailored to the exact needs of each individual customer.

Sample use cases

Use 1:1 personalizations for numerous application areas and show your customers that you know their interests. Benefit from 1:1 image personalization in these and other exciting use cases:

Shopping cart abandoners

Your customers abandon the purchase process with a full shopping cart?

> Print the product images of the abandoned shopping cart on your mailings and add an appealing incentive. This is how you successfully persuade undecided customers to buy.

Product recommendations

Do you know your customers' preferences?

> Send your customers individual product recommendations. Pick up products that are ideally suited to your customers' interests and print the corresponding images on your mailings.

Customer loyalty campaigns

Do your customers regularly buy the same products?

> Send your customers individual incentives on products they buy regularly. Show your customers that you take their needs seriously with 1:1 personalization to retain them in the long term.

Data delivery to optilyz

The rules of personalization display on print file and personalized example are the same as for Basic personalization. 

> Therefore, please take a look at this article first: Basics: simple personalization

Further important notes especially for 1:1 image personalization:

  • Image files are transferred via the Marketing Cloud: please note the special requirements for URLs and image files for digital and print output (e.g. bleed, CMYK profile, trim, special data format and delivery).
  • Personalized example: optilyz needs a placeholder e.g. with light grey dotted lines to help us programming where and in which form the image should be positioned. This also applies if you want to use certain certification logos, e.g. FSC or similar.
    The placeholder line is included in the image/content scaling in order to observe an exact margin fit to neighboring placeholders.
  • Important: Information about scaling images to a specific shape (especially if it is not rectangular, but e.g. round) please share with us on the last page of the PDF, so that correct programming can be done.

> You can find out more about this in the "Technical requirements" article!

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