Why (hyper)personalization?

Create individual product worlds

  • Create entire product worlds that are precisely tailored to your customer.
  • Image personalization enables you to conduct relevant A/B tests.
  • Our customers' experience shows that image personalization has led to a significant uplift in the performance of their automations.

Versatile use cases

  • Use cases range from reactivation, cross-selling and upselling, second orders to shopping cart abandonment. Practically anything is possible.
  • Download our case study to learn how Contorion, for example, efficiently uses customer data and 1:1 image personalization for customer loyalty marketing.

Agile, data driven marketing

  • Hyper-personalization (1:1 image and text personalization) in particular requires a certain maturity in data management, but also in collaboration between departments.
  • The development step towards more personalization acts like a modernization engine for the entire company.

Roadmap of personalization - from basic to hyperpersonalization

1. create a basis

  • Start with a simple format (e.g. postcard) and simple personalization (e.g. salutation, individual voucher).
  • Use a simple use case (e.g. thank you, loyalty).

2. extend

  • Develop image personalization with a suitable format (e.g. letters / self-mailers, as they offer more space for images without being cluttered).
  • Mood images per buyer persona / segments are a good starting point (e.g., male / female / diverse).
  • Personalize coupons further (e.g. validity periods).
  • If possible, target product recommendations based on your customers' buying affinities - either per segment or entirely 1:1 individualized.

3. scale

  • Now test advanced hyper-personalization with in-text and 1:1 image personalization in your mailings.
  • Individual content is targeted to individual customers.
  • For greatest flexibility: personalization fields are extended to a blank print design.
  • Try in-text personalization for individual (welcome) text blocks or different languages, for example.

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