Germany - Deutsche Post (E+4)

Deutsche Post does not guarantee shipping times, but relies on "E + 4", which means "Postal Handover Date+ 4 days delivery time". 

They divide their areas into core and peripheral areas. Recipients in core areas often have their mailings in their mailboxes faster than recipients in peripheral areas.
In the optilyz platform, you can see the post delivery date (PAL / Postal handover) for each mailing transparently:

Example: Postal handover = 26 Mar 2021, delivery starting 27 Mar within 4 days (Germany)

You can adjust the Postal handover date before booking only, which means you can change the Postal Handover Date (PAL) by choosing another date (only for single campaigns, not for automations):

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2

  • Fig. 1: Postal Handover Date, which is shown initially, is the earliest date. Shipping is usually not possible beforehand, so you can only change the handover date backwards.
  • Fig. 2: Here you can change the delivery date (marked in dark blue) and see on which days delivery will take place (marked in light blue).
  • Attention: Excluding non-direct mail days (this cannot be displayed correctly here)!

Non-direct mail days

Deliveries will take place in all German cities between Tuesday and Saturday. Non-direct mail days are Sunday and Monday. Please take this into account when booking.

International mailings

The following is an overview of the delivery times in our international core markets:

CountryDelivery Time
Austria4–6 days
Switzerland4–6 days
France5–6 days (+ 1–2 days for logistics)
Netherlands & Belgium3–6 days
United Kingdom4 days
Italy6–11 days (+ 1–2 days for logistics)


You can find detailed information on individual shipping days and options in this article.

Delivery in high seasons

Delivery times can vary in high seasons such as Christmas, New Year, etc. and sometimes take longer!

Please expect a few extra days for delivery and consider this in your timings.
If you need more detailed information, please contact us by email:!

Important note: We generally do not give any guarantees for the individual delivery times.