How does it work? 

This feature allows you to use different voucher pools within a single automation: simply connect each variation to its own Emarsys voucher pool, and tracking results across variations is a breeze! 

Say you want to test two different voucher types: does a 15€ discount with a minimum spend perform better, or would 15% off be more appealing? Maybe you have a theory that younger customers prefer 15€ off, while more established customers would rather have 15% off. This new feature would allow you to test this hypothesis in a single campaign: 


This feature can also be useful if you have campaigns on the smaller side, where you may need to wait a few weeks before hitting the minimum volume of recipients. If all your campaigns are using the same mail material (say a Maxi postcard), you could combine them into a single automation to reach 500, 1000, or 5000 recipients more quickly. 

How do I use it? 

The feature is straightforward to configure: when you’re creating an automation, add vouchers in the ‘Visuals’ step as shown here: 

Right below the field where you enter the ESL code, you’ll see a checkbox: ‘Use this voucher pool for all variations within this material.’ Uncheck this box to make each voucher individually configurable, so you can choose a different pool for each variation. Now all you need to do is enter the correct ESL token for each different variation, and you’re all set! 

Please note: for the feature to work as intended, you should only link voucher pools here in the Visuals step. Please do not map these voucher pools in the data mapping step, as that would assign a voucher from every pool to every recipient. For more info on vouchers in the data mapping step, see this help center article.