What can the Validation Report be used for?

  • Independent check whether and which fields have been correctly transferred to optilyz.
  • Independent check whether all personalization contents per data record have been completely and correctly transferred to optilyz.
  • Independent check of the general data quality of your data records provided to us after correction by optilyz.
  • Independent check of addresses corrected and/or excluded by optilyz:
    • Verification of the deliverability of the respective address.
    • Minor corrections to formatting and spelling errors
    • Identification of Suspicious Names such as Mr. John Doe, Test Testerman or Max Mustermann
    • Identification and exclusion of addresses outside the specified country of delivery
    • Removal of duplicate recipients (duplicates)
    • Exclusion of undeliverable addresses
  • Inclusion of address data corrected by optilyz in your database.
  • Removal of records deleted by optilyz from your database.

Where can I find the Validation Report?

Log in to the optilyz platform > Automations > select appropriate mailing > Download Validation Report

Please mind that Validation Reports are only created automatically for mailings with up to 10,000 recipients. For mailings larger than that, please contact us and we'll provide the report free of charge!

What can I expect when I download the report?

The download contains a CSV file:

If, when configuring your automation, you decided to include addresses that resulted in warnings during the verification process, the respective information can be found in the "Warning" column. Also, in the "Fixes" column we have described any changes or improvements we have made to deliverable addresses. This is the final report based on which the mailing will be produced.

Possible Warnings: 

Reason for the warning
House number is likely invalidThe house number is not verified
Name contains 3 consecutive identical charactersUnusual spelling, e.g. Saaarah, Herrrzog...
First name is unrecognized "Suspicious name" due to special characters or unusual spelling or unusual name
Name contains invalid character(s)Special characters or similar have been found in the name
Address was not found in address databaseAddress is not verified
The address has no first nameFirst name is missing, but last name is present, so delivery is possible (but may affect personalization!)
Name contains keys words indicating it is not a personal nameThe last name could be fake, e.g. Test, Tester....
First name is recognized as a common last nameThe first and last name may have been interchanged
Name contains numberThere are numbers within the name

How long is the Validation Report available?

Very important: The mailing list is only available for 21 days after postal handover! After that, the data is automatically deleted due to GDPR reasons and cannot be restored. Please always download the list in time if necessary.