Do you receive an error message when creating a mailing?

z. B. "Something went wrong" (Google Chrome)

Try the following options:

  • Delete browser data (cookies & cache):
    • After starting the browser, open the menu by clicking on the three lines on the right.
    • Click on "More Tools".
    • Select a time period above.
    • Check the boxes next to "Cookies and Other Site Data" and "Cached Images and Files".
    • Click on "Clear data".

  • "Auto-translating" is active: It's possible that you have a Google Chrome feature activated which is called “auto-translating” (Google Chrome Autoübersetzung). This feature translates websites and platforms and it actually causes errors which, in case of doubt, lead to white screens and / or error messages and prevent you from working properly.
    • Open Chrome and at the top right, click Menu and select "Settings".
    • Click "Advanced".
    • Open "Languages" section.
    • Turn off "Offer to translate pages in this language".