Not always! But there are cases in which you have to pay the postage upfront.

optilyz does not pay in advance for delivery costs at Deutsche Post for postage amounts of € 4,000 or more - this is the case for postage amounts up to € 3,999.99.

We will therefore invoice you for this postage amount in advance.

Conversely, this means that Deutsche Post will not accept the mailings from our service provider if we cannot prove payment. Our service provider would have to take the mailing back with him without having achieved anything. Of course, we always want to avoid that so that nothing is delayed in the process.

We are aware that the payment period is often very short, a payment advice note / payment receipt is always sufficient. Due to this short period of time, we also ensure that we can keep the post handover date (PAL) and that the delivery of your mailing is not delayed despite prepayment of postage.

How you can avoid prepayment of postage from € 4,000.00: With the Postcard from Deutsche Post.

With this Postcard, the number of which you leave with us, the entire payment processing is regulated by Deutsche Post, so that we do not send you a postage invoice (whether normal or upfront).

You will then only receive invoices from us for printing the mailing.