As soon as you have your customer files and visuals ready, it only takes you a few clicks. Once you have booked your campaign, the printability of your documents will be checked.

If there is anything that needs to be reworked, you will receive an email from Otherwise, we will print it and ship it. You will receive an email when the mail is handed over to the delivery service.

Printing times

The printing times vary depending on the quantity, the printing method used, the format and the country of delivery. As a rule, the time periods until postal delivery after the day of the data push are as follows:

All standard formats except self-mailers:

Self-mailers & mini catalogues*:

*mini-catalogue only available in offset printing

The printing times for our standard formats and selfmailers apply to all countries. Postal handover takes place on the following working day, not at the end of the number of working days specified above.

Warning on Noto Emoji 14.0Important: The dates given above refer to automations and mailings in which no feedback loop occurs. If you have to adjust some details of your campaign because print- or post-specific guidelines were not adhered to, the timing for postal delivery may not be met. Also, deadlines regarding any postage prepayment or Proof PDFs must be adhered to in order to guarantee a smooth process.
Therefore, always plan enough time in advance for your mailings!

In addition: Our standard print times apply to mailings with volumes of approx. 100,000 recipients. Contact us if you need exact printing turnaround times for mailings with a higher number of recipients at

You can find more information about our standard formats in this article: Which formats does optilyz offer?

Expedited handling

Depending on the types of your materials, we may be able to push up the production and postal handover time. This will likely incur a cost; please speak with your contact for more information, or write to us at