Use this guide to open any CSV without any problems and also to use the optilyz Mailing List.

Using the column filters, for example, empty records/contents can be found and each column and record can be checked. Detailed information about the optilyz Mailing List can be found in this article.

Step 1

To open a CSV file correctly, first open Excel and create a blank workbook.

Step 2 

Select „Data“ in the ribbon.

Step 3 

Now click on „Get External Data“ in the ribbon.

Step 4

Next click on „From Text“.

Step 5 

Select the file you want to open.

Step 6

In the first the step in the opened window select the file origin in order for all special characters to be displayed correctly, as shown in the pictures below (for a “recipients” file the file origin is “Unicode (UTF-8)”).

False file origin: 

Correct file origin:

In the second step select the delimiter for the date being separated, as shown in the pictures below (for a “recipients” file the delimiter is “Comma”)

False delimeter:


Correct delimeter: 

Step 7

Select “Text” as column data format for all columns and click on “Finish”.

Step 8

If a window pops up, click on “OK”.