All formats can be realized in both offset and digital printing. You can choose the ideal method which depends on the volume, degree of personalization and urgency of printing. 


Offset printing is usually used for larger print runs (ca. 10,000) and is a bit cheaper for higher volumes. For personalized elements, the standard and premium versions are available for offset printing. The former allows the personalization of the address, the coupon code and the address by inkjet. With premium laser personalization, you can create rich elements such as personalize the body text (black only) or print barcodes. 

Digital print requires less time in the implementation and allows a more comprehensive personalization - even 1:1 image personalization. However, it´s often more advisable for smaller volumes (up to around 10.000 mailings) because of the higher cost. 

Some more about Offset and Digital printing: 

In offset printing, the print image is not printed directly on the print object, but first transferred to a printing plate which then prints it on paper. In this case the printing plate acts as a stencil. Since the stencil must first be created individually, a setup time is necessary. Depending on the printing volume, paper sheets or paper rolls are used. After printing they are cut to size.

By comparison digital printing is direct as the image is transferred to paper without any preparatory work. This makes it possible to flexibly print each sheet individually, which offers extensive personalization. Since no stencil has been made in advance, the preparation time  is less.

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