Getting up in the cloud

This guide will help you get started with S3.

Step 1. Get Connected

  1. Request an S3 connection with optilyz. optilyz will create an S3 bucket within its own Amazon account.
  2. Receive your connection credentials from optilyz. We will provide you with an Access Key ID and a Secret Key via two separate emails.
  3. Connect to your S3 bucket. We suggest using a client such as Cyberduck. However, you are also able to automate your connection and data transfer. Read more here: AWS S3 Guide.
  4. Configure your bucket for your automations and begin uploading data.

Step 2. Configuration Data

For us to be able to properly read and import your data, you will need to provide us with some information about the format of the files you will be uploading. Please send the following to


UTF-8 is standard, we also support:







How are the columns separated? comma, semi-colon or tab.

Column Headers

What are the headers for your data? You can just send us a list:

For example: 

First Name, 

Last Name, 

Address 1...

Tip: Send us a sample file the represents the files you plan to upload to the remote storage location and we will help you figure out these configuration details.