Whether you connect to us via API or not, knowing how to confidently handle voucher codes is crucial to the success of your mailing campaigns. 

How to include vouchers

In a compact and clean way, you can now simply include your voucher code as individualisation directly in the API call as follows:

Once you’ve included the individualisation1, make sure to map it correctly. Additionally, make sure that you don't forget the tag "individualisation1" in your print file at the exact spot where the voucher code is supposed to appear!

Wait, has something changed?

Indeed, the voucher codes were previously handled differently, in a separate field of the request body: 

Please ensure that any and all vouchers are handled via individualisation going forward.

More information

You can always find an up-to-date overview of our API info in our documentation here:


However, if you come across seemingly unsolvable issues, please contact us! We happily coordinate with our Solution Engineer, who will be able to address any potential hurdle with you.