In order to assist our customers with delivering flawless designs every time on the first time, we offer a wide range of design templates for national and international mailings. Those templates include all rules and regulations you need to follow to make sure that the print turns out exactly as planned, and that all mailings are eligible for the automated handling by the mail carriers. 

You can find our German templates always up to date in your optilyz account here as long as you're on the old frontent:

However, for those companies who use external design offices, it can be quite a hassle to manually forward templates every time. To keep things simple for everyone, you can find all the German templates right here for download as well. 


  1. Letters

A4 in envelope with window

A4 in envelope without window

  1. Postcards

DIN Lang

DIN Lang, envelope with window

Maxi Postcard

  1. Flyers

DIN A5 Portrait, 2 pages

DIN A5 Portrait, 4 pages

DIN A5 Landscape, 2 pages

DIN A5 Landscape, 4 pages

DIN Lang Portrait, 2 pages

DIN Lang Portrait, 4 pages

DIN Lang Landscape, 2 pages

  1. Self-Mailers

DIN Lang, 4 pages, with flap

DIN Lang, 6 pages, with flap

DIN Lang, 8 pages, with flap

DIN Lang, 4 pages, without flap

DIN Lang, 6 pages, without flap

DIN Lang, 8 pages, without flap

Maxi, 4 pages, with flap

Maxi, 6 pages, with flap

Maxi, 8 pages, with flap

Maxi, 4 pages, without flap

Maxi, 6 pages, without flap

Maxi, 8 pages, without flap

  1. Poster mailing

Poster Mailing

  1. Mini Catalogue

Mini Catalogue

If you require any further clarification or supplemental information regarding the use of our templates, please do not hesitate to contact us at!