If you have multiple variations in a single automation, it may be helpful to give them custom names, so they’re easier to identify, rather than just relying on the variation letter.

Why might this be useful?

If you can give each variation a meaningful name, it’s that much easier to combine multiple campaigns into a single automation. You can also connect each variation to a different voucher pool, so you can still track the success of each campaign separately. 

We recommend naming variations according to how they’re used. For instance, if you have an A/B test running in Switzerland, you might have 6 different variations: 

  1. de - 10 CHF

  2. de - 15% off

  3. it - 10 CHF

  4. it - 15% off

  5. fr - 10 CHF

  6. fr - 15% off

Or if you’re combining multiple stages in the customer lifecycle, you could name variations based on the use cases you’re targeting: 

  • Birthday

  • Loyalty

  • Retention 30-90

  • Retention 90-150

  • Win back

Ok, I’m convinced! How do I do it?

Adding names is a cinch in optilyz! You can name variations when you create a new campaign and upload your visuals, or if your automations are already live, you can name variations from the automation overview at any time.

If you use Emarsys, the names will already appear in your marketing cloud when you connect a customer segment to a particular variation:

Names are not yet shown in other marketing clouds (Dymatrix, CrossEngage, etc.). 

If you have webhooks configured, we can add the variation name to the set of data we send back to your marketing cloud. To discuss this possibility, please get in touch with us at support@optilyz.com. 

If you don’t need names, no worries – they’re totally optional. If you only have one or two variations and don’t have trouble identifying them, just skip the name and everything will work as it did before.