Hit the ground running: Activating optilyz in most leading marketing automation tools is just a few clicks away.



Here's why companies leverage optilyz to run direct mail like an online channel:

  • Increased conversion rates due to event-based touchpoints (conversion uplift ca. 30%)
  • Increased conversion rates due to better cross-channel integration of direct mail (e.g. combining email and direct mail) 
  • Increased conversion rates due to better personalisation and segmentation (up to 1:1 picture personalisation)
  • Less operational hassle due to automated campaigns and a user-friendly web-interface (up to 90% effort reduction) 
  • Support via our Customer Success team in setting up high-performance direct mail campaigns and opportunity to benefit from our experience in working with hundreds of companies
  • Direct mail print cost reduction of 10-15% via optilyz frame contracts and automated processes

Automation Case Example

An automation use case could be that you include a postal touchpoint into your email reactivation journey. Customers, who don't open the email and are of a certain value, receive a highly personalised postcard or a letter. A trigger could be for example at 500 or 5.000 addresses.

You can implement all use cases via automation with optilyz.

Our tool even enables you to use your recommendation engine for 1:1 image personalisation.

Discuss detailed best practices with your contact person optilyz. 

You can also take a look at our Case Studies in advance.

Integration partners

optilyz Direct Mail can often be easily integrated into existing marketing clouds. You can find an overview of our integration partners here.

Further possibilities to automate

Information on the connection via API can be found here.

Information on connection via remote storage (SFTP / S3) can be found here.