Since January 1, 2020 the conditions for content of mailings have been changed: 

Only advertising will be allowed to sent via DIALOGPOST
Non advertising mail will be send with the standard postage rate


Advertising mail

  • In general: Offers that should motivate the customer to buy or use their products (can include free samples, examples)
  • Advertising for parties and image
  • Invitations for events or competitions/lotteries
  • Information in relation to a bonus programm (including special offers)
  • Customer magazines
  • Appeal for funds
  • Congratulations
  • Promotional member cards (has to be a new one, no replacement)
  • Catalogue with prices
  • Member magazine
  • Welcome & thank you mail
  • Reactivation
  • ...

Non advertising mail

  • Market and opinion research
  • General customer information (e.g. terms and condition changes, travel documents, order confirmations, price adjustments)
  • Recalls
  • Specific terms of use 
  • Contractual terms, amendments and terminations
  • Publications
  • Enquiries and requirements
  • Annual and business reports 
  • Price lists without a cataloge (or further information)
  • Invitations for assemblies
  • Polling cards
  • Payment requests
  • Member card
  • Staff magazine
  • Invitations to employees
  • Information about business takeover, firm’s relocation, …
  • Member magazine including an invitation to an assembly
  • ...


Further details can be found in the attached Dialogpost brochure.

If you are still unsure whether your mailing falls into a category of non-advertising direct mail, please contact us.

We can send mailings from 500 recipients, if necessary, by the standard postage rate.

Contact us with your request.