Our platform always shows you the current status of your mailing within your account.

To do this, proceed as follows: Log in > Mailings > Status

Overview of the campaign status:

MeaningWhat happens next?
The mailing is still or again in draft mode, because it has either not yet been booked or had to be reset due to incorrect data.
optilyz only checks if the mailing has been re-booked if it is reset to draft by optilyz. The system does not check mailings which are still in draft mode and were never booked before.

The trigger was reached in the automation and a new mailing is created and booked with the recipients in the automation.

CSV upload: You have booked a single mailing.

A data check is carried out, i.e. whether the designs comply with the specifications and whether the address data contain all the necessary information before they are transferred to the printer.

The mailing is currently being checked but not yet in print.

The mailing will go to print next.
PrintThe mailing has been sent to the printer and is in production.

Or: The mailing was sent to the printer in order to program the required proof PDF. At this point in time, the mailing will not be printed, but will only be printed after approval.
After production is complete, the mailing is sent to the Post.

Or: After completing the programming, you will receive a proof PDF. The mailing is only finally printed after approval. During this time, the mailing is always declared with "Print".
LiveThe mailing is in the process of being delivered to the recipients by the Post.
The mailing will be delivered within approx. 4 working days.
The mailing has been delivered.

The delivery process is considered completed.

Price Requested
The mailing either corresponds to a special format or is sent abroad; it may contain international recipients and DE recipients (multi-country campaign).
The price is given a price based on the special format or the international costs, which you have to confirm again so that the mailing can be checked and then transferred to print.