For German campaigns of 10,000 recipients or more, we now offer the premium data cleansing service in cooperation with Deutsche Post.

After booking the mailing, your uploaded addresses will be checked more extensively and you will receive a free log of the premium data cleansing of your data.

You can then decide whether you want to continue with optilyz data cleansing or whether you opt for one of the premium options.

The additional data cleansing ensures that the mailing reaches your customers and you can save large sums of money on postage. This increases the reach of your mailing a lot and optimizes the conversion rate.

Example of a protocol:

“* ¹ Undeliverable people, households, buildings

* ² The relocation address according to the forwarding order is included

Please let us know which of the 3 options you choose:

Maintenance project (permanent use) for XXX.XX €

Mailing project (one-time use) for XXX.XX €

optilyz-adjusted data set - free of charge"

In a mailing project, the data may only be used for a specific mailing and you will not have access to the data.

In the case of a maintenance project, you will receive the data back and can enter it into your customer database.

You have a few hours to decide which of the options to choose. This period is short, but it does not cause any delays in processing your mailing. In this way we also ensure that the postal handover date (PAL) can be kept.

Your advantages

  • Costs for unsuccessful deliveries are extremely minimized.
  • Addresses are extensively corrected or removed. This also includes death or relocation dates.
  • The integrity and quality of your customer database is increased.
  • You can choose between the maintenance project and the mailing project.

It's that easy

  1. Transfer address data to the platform and book campaign.
  2. After checking, you will receive the above protocol.
  3. You choose one of the 3 options.
  4. If you choose the maintenance project, you will receive a detailed evaluation of all contacts to be entered into your system shortly after processing.
  5. A key to understand the individual categories can be found in the Deutsche Post manual from page 163 (see attached document below).