The new feature "Segmentation Mailing" allows you to select different visuals for different segments within a campaign.

It is now possible to subdivide the campaign according to customer specifications such as gender, age, customer status, etc. in order to select a suitable design for each segment. 

Important: Only the same format can be used within a mailing / automation. If you want to test different formats against each other, this must be set up within two separate mailings / automations. Our segmentation feature can only be used for different designs, addresses, target groups etc. within the same format.

In this article we show you how:  

It's that simple

1. Segmentation value mapping

The values to be used for segmentation must be uploaded via the recipient list (CSV) and mapped to one of the individualization fields (Individualization 1-8) or the gender field. Only assigned fields can be used for a segmentation mailing. 

*Note: Data used for segmentation must contain at least 2 and less than 11 variants. (Example for 2 variants: male, female or 1 & 2)

2. Select "Add Variation"

After choosing and configuring your mail product you get to the visuals step: To create a mailing with different designs, click on "Add Variation" in the Visual Step. Then you have the possibility to choose between A/B Test Mailing (random assignment, 50:50 split) & Segmentation Mailing (assignment by data field of the recipient list).

3. Select "Segmentation Mailing"

*Attention: the address data upload must be completed to be able to select this option.

4. Select variations

The drop-down menu displays all fields that meet the criteria for a segmentation field (at least 2 and less than 11 variations).

Once you have selected a field, the division of the different variants will be displayed. To assign the fields to a visual click on "Continue".

5. Assign variations by drag & drop

You can now assign the variations to a visual by drag & drop. If you want to add more visuals, just click on "Add Visual".

After all values have been assigned to a visual, you can use "Continue" to return to the visuals to upload the respective design (PDF).

*Note: "No Value" fields must also be assigned.

6. Upload visuals

Upload your design in PDF format as usual. To the right of the visual you can already see and control your selection, if you want to make adjustments just click on "Edit Segments" or completely remove your segmentation.

After the visuals have been uploaded, the booking of the campaign continues as usual.

In the overview and summary it is possible to check the segmentation one last time. 

Afterwards the mailing can be booked as usual.