Win new customers, build trust and increase your profit

You can use physical mailings profitably for the following use cases:

Customer acquisition 

As an insurance company, you decide to acquire new customers from a specific age group (and other criteria) from high-end residential areas. Since the sale of financial products requires a high degree of trust, send a personalized letter to all residents. This gives you the chance to communicate a complex message and gives the recipients sufficient time to decide at a later date to follow-up.

Cart abandonment  

Persuade undecided customers to buy. For example, by sending a personalized postcard to all customers who had a certain shopping cart value with the following message: 

“The right products must be well-chosen. Maybe this exclusive 20% discount will help you with your decision.”

Second-Order push 

Encourage first-time buyers to a second purchase by sending a welcome letter with a personal address to new customers after the first order. Next to a 10% discount on the next order, add a message: 

“Welcome Mrs. Schmidt! Nice to have you with us.”

Life events 

Celebrate loyal customers, e.g. on a birthday: Your customer data shows when your customers have a birthday. In addition, you have segmented your customer base according to customer value. So you decide to send your top customers a personalized greeting card for their birthday along with an additional purchase incentive formulated as an exclusive gift.

Customer loyalty

In order to further solidify your loyal customers, you choose to send them personalized incentives with exclusive offers. The contents are segmented according to gender. Women get suggestions for women's fashion and men suggestions for men's fashion.

To learn more, download our case study Contorion here: Automated 1:1 image personalization is successfully used to increase repurchase rates

Recommendation marketing

Let your customers recommend you. As a thank you, send your fans a personalized letter and voucher code. Since the chances of a referral to this group are particularly high, add the message “Recommend us” and two additional coupon codes for friends and acquaintances. Especially for product categories with special target groups, this works extremely well (for example, parents, athletes, pet owners).

Download the case study bloomon here: Sophisticated welcome-mailings are profitably leveraged for referral marketing

Cross & Up-selling  

The history of some customers shows that they are mainly interested in a specific product category. Since you want to establish yourself as a brand leader in this segment, you decide to send these customers a personalized postcard with a 30% discount on the next purchase of your house brand. You benefit from your significantly increased margin on your own brand.

Churn prevention

You notice that long-standing customers who regularly order from your online store are deviating from their usual buying behavior and making fewer purchases. So, you decide to prevent the churn of these customers with a personalized cover letter. To make the interaction as personal as possible, talk directly to the customers:

“Julia, thank you for being our customer! With the following discount code KFJ2WI4 you save 15% on the next order from our entire collection.”


You are planning a cross-channel campaign to reactivate your customers. After four weeks of inactivity, send a personalized email with a voucher code of 10%. After another two weeks without a response, resend a personalized email with 15% off the next order.

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