Step 1

Once you have started setting up your campaign and have given it a meaningful name, upload a CSV file containing your recipient data. 

Step 2

Help us identify the encoding of your file using (1). Once you have identified the correct encoding, continue to the next step (2).

Step 3

Map your column headers to our data fields. Select the appropriate column from your uploaded file for each of the optilyz data fields you wish to use.

Important: the following data is required for each address:

First Name & Last Name - or - Full Name

Street & House Number - or - Street and house number


Zip code

Personalization: You can personalize more than just name and addresses. Learn more about personalization here. If you would like to add personalization fields, map them accordingly to one of the Individualisation fields.

Voucher Codes: You can use voucher codes to track your campaigns. Learn more here.

Important: You can map your voucher codes at this step with one of these 2 options:

  1. option: Select "VoucherCode" for your desired voucher field in your csv. You need to connect both fields in Step 3 (Visuals) again. Done.
  2. option: Select one of the Individualisation fields for your desired voucher field in your csv. Done.

In the next steps you will upload your visuals and get a summary.