Always know what you're getting into

Use the price calculator to see the costs of various configurations and volumes before you start your campaign.

Step 1. Open the price calculator

Click on "Price calculator", on the dashboard or in the navigation bar. 

Step 2. Select the desired mailing products

You can also combine several products in one envelope (for example a letter and a flyer). 

Step 3. Enter the desired number of recipients

Important: You can view the campaign costs as CPM or total cost.

The costs are composed of printing and postage.

                      Total cost                                                        CPM

Step 4: Product configurations 

After selecting your products and entering the volume, check and confirm the individual configurations. 

Step 5. A/B Tests

To see the cost development for a possible A / B test, simply add the desired number of variations.

Try our price calculator

Simply test and answer questions about CPM and costs yourself. Let's go!