Emarsys Direct Mail - powered by optilyz

Integrate optilyz Direct Mail into your customer journey and seamlessly automate the offline marketing channel.

Video Guide: 

Step-by.step guide:  


Step 1: Make the connection

Step 2: Name your automation

Step 3: Configure the triggers for your automation

Step 4: Map your data

Step 5: Add individualization fields

Step 6: Address validation

Step 7: Choose and configure your format 

Step 8: Upload your design

Step 9: Voucher codes

Step 10: Testing

Step 1. Make the connection


In order to connect your Emarsys account with optilyz, we need to request that the channel first be activated. So we can do this, please provide the company account name associated with your Emarsys account with us and we will ask Emarsys to share your Account ID.


Step 2. Name your automation 

Navigate to the DIrect Mail channel in Emarsys and click "start a new automation". Then give your automation a meaningful name, this will help you keep track of it. 

Then select the delivery country; this will help the system perform more accurate address validation and determines which products and pricing apply. If you are covering more than one market, select "Multi-country". 

Step 3. Configure the triggers for your automation 

You have two options (the minimum volume is 500 contacts):

1) On a regular, time basis: Every day or once a week (you decide which day)

2) After a minimum number of recipients have been collected

Step 4. Map your data 

Your automation data will be transferred to optilyz directly. Please help us map the Emarsys data field names to optilyz fields so that we know what to do with it when it arrives.

All fields on the left should be mapped with the corresponding field in the dropdown menu (source Emarsys field editor). This mapping needs to be done once and will then be saved for future campaigns.  

Step 5. Add individualization fields 

If you want to add further individualization fields, you can select them in the 'OTHER VARIABLE DATA' section. Choose, for example: Individualisation1 and assign it to a text individualisation (e.g. a date of birth, a personal salutation, an individual text module etc.).

5.1 Personalization service

In addition to standard data fields, you can further customize your mailings with data from 5 additional sources.

  • Data from an Emarsys contact database

  • Vouchers

  • External data using the API and external events.

  • The Relational Data Service

  • Predict

You can add personalization service data by selecting "Content personalization" in the field dropdown under OTHER VARIABLE DATA.

Step 6. Address Validation

Tell us how to handle your addresses during the validation process. You can choose to include recipients that generate suspicious name or missing name warnings as well as those addresses that we were unable to definitively verify.

Step 7. Choose and configure the products you would like to send

Learn more about choosing the right products here.

After selecting your products, review and confirm the individual configurations. 

Step 8. Upload your design

1) Upload a PDF of your finalized designs, being sure to leave the personalization and address fields BLANK. 

2) Optionally add voucher codes. See next section for more information. 

3) Upload a so-called “Max Mustermann” example to show us where and how to print personalized data.


Step 9. Voucher codes 

How can I assign voucher codes?  

Step 10. Testing

Before going into production mode, let’s test that we’ve configured everything correctly. Create an automation on the optilyz platform called ‘Emarsys Integration Test’.


Our system knows to ignore any campaigns created by these automations.

1. Create a test segment (not a group) from your available contacts.

Tip: Be sure to add a filter, otherwise you will not be able to use the segment. We suggest setting zip code as not empty.


2. Within the Automation Center, create a new program using the newly created segment as the entry point.

3. Attach the optilyz API node and select your Emarsys Integration Test automation.


4. Select the button "Program is in design" on the upper right corner of the program builder. Press "activate" and confirm the Launch by clicking "OK". 

Within the Emarsys Automation Center, select to view the summary of your test program. The report indicates how many contacts should have been sent to the automation.


Navigate to automations and confirm that the correct number of recipients are enqueued for the test automation.


This concludes your test.

You can delete the program in Emarsys and the optilyz automation. To delete it, select it from the automations list; change its state to ‘Edit’.  Return to the automations list where you are now able to delete the automation.

You are now ready to start automating direct mail with Emarsys and optilyz.

Direct Mail Opt-out

Generally, direct mail does not require Opt-in. You may, however, occasionally receive a request from a customer to Opt-out of receiving your mailings. We made it easy for you to prevent offline mail from being sent in these cases. 

We have added a custom data field to your Emarsys account called "Direct Mail Opt-In". You should be able to see this for yourself in the Field Editor. If, in the course of compiling your mailing, we find a value of False (FALSE, F, or false) in this field for any subscriber, they will be excluded from your mailing's recipient list. Otherwise, all subscribers are considered "opted-in" by default.

You can see the total number of recipients that have been excluded due to Opt-out in your mailing summary.