Sounds complicated - it's not

Remote Storage enables the transfer of automation and conversion data directly to the optilyz platform. 


How it works

Organizing your folders

Data Configuration

How it works 

We support data transfer via SFTP (which you set up and manage) or Amazon S3 (which we take care of). 

Data transferred to optilyz will be collected roughly every 15 minutes from remote storage sources. You help us find your data by uploading a CSV with your customer addresses into a directory named with your automation ID (see below). After we fetch your data, we attempt to process it and upload it to your automation. 

How do you know if your data has been processed? Data that optilyz has interacted with will be split and saved in up to three sub-directories, each to a file of the same name with the date and time added to the beginning of the file name.


Addresses that have failed the upload process - the reason an address failed to be uploaded is noted in a column called (TBD).


Addresses that have been successfully uploaded to your automation


The originally uploaded file.

Organizing your folders

When you create an automation, a matching folder will appear within the root of your remote storage directory. The folder will begin with your automation ID and end with the automation name: 



Within the automations folder create a folder for your recipients files called “recipients”. Any data you upload to this directory will be uploaded to your automation.

Data Configuration  

In order for us to be able to properly read and import your data, you will need to provide us with some information about the format of the files you will be uploading. Please send the following to


UTF-8 is standard, we also support:




How are the columns separated? comma, semi-colon or tab.

Column Headers

What are the headers for your data? You can just send us a list:

For example: 

First Name, 

Last Name, 

Address 1...

Tip: Send us a sample file the represents the files you plan to upload to the remote storage location and we will help you figure out these configuration details.