What is an automation? 


Automations allow you to transfer your customer data directly from your Marketing CloudRemote Storage source or via API. By integrating a marketing cloud with optilyz, you can also introduce direct mail touch points into your customer journeys. 

optilyz is integrated in the following Marketing Clouds


Or transfer your customer data from remote storage or via API. 


Once your optilyz automation is connected to your customer database, we synchronise data between your data source and our platform and start collecting recipients. As soon as we reach a predefined number of recipients, or a scheduled trigger, we create and deliver a new automated campaign.



How your customer database and optilyz work together

Automated campaigns work very similarly to single direct mail campaigns, with some differences:

  1. Customer data and voucher code information is transferred directly from your data source into optilyz, removing the manual effort of importing and mapping CSV files. 
  2. You can set automations to recur every day or every week. Or to save costs, whenever a certain volume of recipients is reached (e.g. minimum of 500 or 4,000 recipients).
  3. You can define events in your marketing cloud to specify the conditions that will trigger an automated campaign using a customer journey. An example of a trigger could be: customers that haven’t ordered for more than 6 months and don’t have an email opt-in (event defined in the CRM). Then the mail will be sent whenever the predefined threshold in the automation is reached, e.g. 500 or 4,000.

Are you ready to set up your automation? Read our step-by-step guide here