Let's Create A Campaign Together

This guide assumes that you have already gathered your designs and materials. If you want to follow along with this guide without your own materials, we have provided everything you will need in a download at the end of this article.

Step-by-step guide


Step 1. Start creating your campaign

Step 2. Give your campaign a name

Step 3. Choose a country

Step 4. Upload your recipient data

Step 5. Help us identify the encoding of your file

Step 6. Map your column headers to your data fields

Step 7. Data validation

Step 8. Chose and configure your products

Step 9. Upload your design

Step 10. Review and book your campaign

Step 1. Start creating your campaign  

Click "Start a Mailing" on the optilyz dashboard or go to the campaign section.

Step 2. Give your campaign a meaningful name 

Give your campaign a meaningful name so you can keep track. 


Step 3. Choose a country 

Then select the mailing country. If your mailing list contains multiple countries, select Multi-Country at the end of the list.

Step 4. Upload a CSV file containing your recipient data

The CSV format should be utf8. You can also download a sample CSV in this step. 

Step 5. Help us identify the encoding of your file  

The optilyz system can process different CSV formats. Help it identify the encoding of your file using (1). Once you have identified the correct encoding, continue to the next step (2).

Step 6. Map your column headers to our data fields 

Select the appropriate column from your uploaded file for each of the optilyz data fields you wish to use.

Important: the following data is required for each address:

First Name & Last Name - or - Full Name

Street & House Number - or - Street and house number


Zip code

Personalization: You can personalize more than just name and addresses. If you would like to add personalization fields, map them accordingly to Individualisation1-to-9.

Voucher Codes: You can use voucher codes to track your campaigns. You will map your voucher codes later.
How can I assign voucher codes? 

Step 7. Data validation 

We perform a number of address cleaning and verification steps to increase the overall performance of your mailing. In the process we may identify recipients which generate warning. If this occurs, you can tell us whether to include these addresses in your mailing.

Step 8. Choose and configure the products you would like to send

After selecting your products, review and confirm the individual configurations. 

Step 9. Upload your design 

1) Upload a PDF of your finalized designs, being sure to leave the personalization and address fields BLANK.

2) Optionally add voucher codes. How can I assign voucher codes? 

3) Upload a so-called “Max Mustermann” example to show us where and how to print personalized data.

Step 10. Review and book your campaign.

Important: After a campaign is booked it goes almost immediately into production. Avoid potentially costly mistakes by carefully reviewing your campaign before booking.

We encourage you to try it all out yourself with our demo kit. It's better to get familiar with the tools now while the stakes are still low: