It's not 1999 - You've got to have an API

The optilyz API is a RESTful API which is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs and HTTP response codes to indicate successful requests or any API errors.


In order to properly authenticate with the API, you must send either your authentication key or your API token in the header of each request via HTTP Basic Authentication, providing the key as the username and leaving the password blank.

The authentication key can be found on the Automations page if you have already had API access enabled for your account. If not, please email Please use it for authentication only for server-side API requests.

For API requests from the browser we strongly recommend using token authentication. The API token can be generated via the authenticate method of the API and reused for several API calls. Each generated token can be used for 1 hour. Multiple tokens can be used simultaniously.


When changes are made to the API, a new version is released. All API versions can be used in parallel. The optilyz API supports semver versioning in an Accept-Version header. If Accept-Version header is not specified in a request, the latest version will be used.

For backwards-incompatible changes, a new major version is released. The major version is part of the endpoint URL, e.g. "/api/v1/{{method}}".

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