Salesforce Marketing Cloud - we're in the big league

With Salesforce marketing cloud and optilyz you can completely automate away the work of direct mail and focus on the fun parts - growing your business.



Install the optilyz add-on via the Salesforce AppExchange. You will also need an active optilyz account to connect. If you don’t already have one, reach out to

Once you have an account, you can connect optilyz to Salesforce Marketing Cloud by simply logging in to the add-on. 


Before you can use optilyz in your Journey Builder, you will need to configure an automation. Navigate to Automations, or click [Start an Automation]


The automation start screen gives you a quick overview of the automation process, but you will only see this once. So here it is again:

2.1 Give your automation a meaningful name. This will help you keep track of it later.

2.2 Configure the triggers for your automation. You have two options:

(1) On a regular, time basis: Every day or once a week (you decide which day)

(2) After a minimum number of recipients have been collected

2.3  Map your Salesforce Marketing Cloud fields to optilyz fields.


Important: the following data is required for each address:

First Name & Last Name - or - Full Name

Street & House Number - or - Street and house number


Zip code

You can browse your data extensions for the attributes of interest. 

Personalization: You can personalize more than just name and addresses. Learn more about personalization here. If you would like to add personalization fields, map them accordingly to Individualisation 1 through 9


2.4 Tell us what to do with address validation results. Should we include unverified address and suspicious names in the mailing?

2.5 Choose and configure the products you would like to send. Learn more about choosing the right products here.

After selecting your products, review and confirm the individual configurations. Learn more about the available configurations here.

2.6 Upload your design. Learn more about formatting and layout requirements here. Avoid the most common pitfalls by reviewing this.

(1) Upload a PDF of your finalized designs, being sure to leave the personalization and address fields BLANK.

(2) Optionally add voucher codes. See next section for more information.

(3) Upload a so-called “Max Mustermann” example to show us where and how to print personalized data. Learn more here.

2.7 Voucher Codes



Adding voucher codes to your mailings is crucial to tracking your campaign’s performance. optilyz allows you to provide voucher codes from a Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extension


How can I assign voucher codes?

2.8 Review and book your automation. 

If there are no warning messages, book the automation!


To use your new automation, navigate to the journey builder.

Within the Journey Builder you can find the optilyz custom activity under Builder > Activities

To work with the automation you created earlier, click the activity within the journey.

(1) Live automations are listed in the panel to the left.

(2) If your automation contains multiple variations (as in an A/B test) choose whether you would like optilyz to randomly assign the variations,  or 

(3) specify directly which variation should be used.

When you have finished configuring your journey, press activate and enjoy the ease with which Direct Mail is now integrated into your customer journeys!

You can see how many subscribers have passed through your automation by opening the Journey within Salesforce Marketing Cloud

For peace of mind, you can confirm within the add on that the same number of recipients have been collected to your automation.


This concludes your setup.

You are now ready to start automating direct mail with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and optilyz.