If you are looking for our German templates to use within Germany, please take a look here!

We have layout templates available for every mail product and format. We encourage you to use them when designing your mailers. This way we can ensure that they are ready to print and post, and we can avoid undesired design changes that might affect the delivery times.


Download Templates

Find the product and format that you want to design, and download the .zip file. 

This is what you'll get:

  • An INDD template that you can use with InDesign

  • An IDML template needed for the INDD to work in older InDesign versions

  • A PDF file that you can use in Photoshop

  • Instructions in German and English

Templates Germany

You can find our templates for Germany in our Helpcenter as direct download here:

International Templates


Belgium / Netherlands



United Kingdom

United States

⇾ If no special country template is listed, the German template applies.

Working with Templates

These are requirements from the post service, and failing to meet them can lead to increased costs or mandatory design changes.

Apart from the post requirements, you also need to consider print specifications, such as the exact size of the mail product and the 3 mm bleed. Likewise, failing to meet these requirements can lead to mandatory changes to the design. Here you can learn more about preparing your print materials.

Important: Don't forget to access your optilyz account and download the layout templates before you start designing. The Post adapts their requirements at irregular intervals, so we provide you with up-to-date templates for download.