For certain use cases, it can be hard to get to the minimum volume threshold quickly enough for a print campaign to make sense. For example, you may want to send out birthday cards, but your customer database isn’t big enough to reach the threshold often (and a weeks-late birthday card doesn’t feel quite the same ?). With optilyz, there’s no need to rule out smaller print campaigns like these – if you use a common mail material/format, you can simply combine them to reach the volume threshold more quickly. 

Say you have a birthday campaign that collects around 150 recipients per week, a first-time purchase campaign with 300/week, and a 10th purchase loyalty reward campaign with 100/week. You can create a combined automation with a different variation for each use case, and the total volume should be >500 every week, so the customers will receive the campaigns with only a short delay.

How to set it up

For each use case, you’ll need: 

  • One blank design file

  • One design file with personalisation variables

  • Personalisation data

  • Vouchers/incentives (optional)

It’s fine if your design files use different personalisation data or have different layouts. Simply provide all the necessary data for all use cases in the data mapping, and upload the blank design files as different variations. The personalised example is a little trickier: you will need to merge all the personalised examples into a single PDF (in the same order as the variations in optilyz) and upload the merged PDF to the personalised example slot on the optilyz platform. 


It is also possible (and recommended for tracking purposes!) to use different voucher sources for each use case. To do this with voucher pools in Emarsys, please follow the instructions in this article.

Admittedly, the first time setup may be a bit confusing, so if you have any questions or would like some assistance, feel free to write us a ticket, and we'll be right there to help!