Statistically, about 6% of your uploaded addresses are invalid. Therefore, incorrect addresses are automatically identified by our system and corrected if possible, otherwise removed.

You can always choose which addresses should be corrected or removed. 

It's that easy

  1. Transfer address data to the platform.
  2. Verification takes place directly during data transfer.
  3. You can now dowlnload the logfile under PREVIEW RESULTS to fix wrong addresses
  4. Decide which unverified addresses you want to include or exclude. 
  5. Cleaned address data are available for you after the booking.

Duplicates are cleaned up

In order to further increase the integrity of your data, we clean up all duplicates. Multiple deliveries are thus eliminated.

Max Muller, Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, 10178 Berlin 

Max Mueller, Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, 10178 Berlin 

Max Müller, Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, 10178 Berlin 

Only one addressee:

Max Müller, Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, 10178 Berlin

Incorrect addresses are corrected

Your addresses are automatically corrected by our system and converted into a standardized format.

Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, 11178 Berlib

Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, 1178 Berlin

Neueschönhauserstr. 19, 10178 Berlin 

    Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, 10178 Berlin

You can choose if invalid addresses are sorted out

During the data validation step, you can choose if addresses that cannot be corrected or have an invalid addressee are automatically sorted out and the cost of unsuccessful deliveries minimized.

Invalid addressees, e.g.

  • Packstation
  • Test

  • AAAdam or Mustermann

Addresses do not exist, e.g.

  • Neue Schönhauser Str. 1432, 31162 Berlin

Addresses outside the country of dispatch, e.g.  
  •  14 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris

Find out more about our data cleaning feature here.