Your mailing may show small color marks, which are not related to the printing process but may occur after the handover to the post. Along with hundreds of thousands of letters and postcards that are sent out by the post every day, your mailing passes through several conveyor belts and feed rollers. Very rarely, the color from other color-printed mailings can transfer to your mail during this process. 

Please see below a few examples of color marks from the feed rollers:  

Your mail can get water marks during delivery by the post, for example during a storm or when it is raining. 

How can I ensure that my mailing does not get marked during the delivery process? 

As the delivery of direct mail is a highly automated process, it is not possible to avoid marking from conveyor belts completely. However, an easy way to protect your postcard from the environment is to send it in an envelope. Find out more about mailing formats, including envelopes, here.