Getting Automated 

This guide assumes that you have already gathered all of your materials. So that you can follow the below without your own materials, we provided some example addresses and printing materials as a download at the end of this article. 

Step-by-step guide


Step 1. Start planning your automation

Step 2. Give your automation a meanigful name

Step 3. Select the delivery country

Step 4. Configure the triggers for your automation

Step 5. Data validation

Step 6. Choose and configure the products you would like to send

Step 7. Upload your designs

Step 8. Review and book your automation

Live automations

Validation Report

Important: Automated campaigns need a data source. We support many options for powering your automations: 

  1. Use a Marketing Cloud? Check out: EmarsysSalesforce, and CrossEngage.
  2. You can also connect via our API: see our documentation.
  3. The simplest way to get started is via SFTP or S3. Learn more about setting up a remote connection here.

Each data source offers a different approach to mapping your data to optilyz. It is very important to pay attention to, and to test, your mapping setup as this is where most automations experience complications.

Step 1. Start planning your automation 

Navigate to automations or by clicking on the "New Automation" button. 

Step 2. Give your automation a meaningful name

This will help you keep track of it. 

Step 3. Choose a delivery country

If you want to send to more than one country, choose "Multi-country". This will help us perform more accurate address validation and determines which products and pricing apply.

Step 4. Configure the triggers for your automation

You have two options (minimum of 500 addresses):

1) On a regular, time basis: Every day or once a week (you decide which day)

2) After a minimum number of recipients have been collected

Step 5. Tell us how to handle your addresses during the validation process

You can choose to include recipients that generate "suspicious name" or "missing name" warnings as well as those addresses that we were unable to definitively verify.

Step 6. Choose and configure the products you would like to send

After selecting your products, review and confirm the individual configurations. 

Step 7. Upload your designs

1) Upload a PDF of your finalized designs, being sure to leave the personalization and address fields BLANK.

2) Optionally add voucher codes. The approach to including voucher codes depends on the data source you are using

3) Upload a so-called “Max Mustermann” example to show us where and how to print personalized data.

Step 8. Review and book your automation 

Note: we will let you know if we are unable to access your data source. If you receive such an error message, review the documentation for your data integration or send us an email at

If there are no warning messages, book the automation!

Live Automations 

You can pause, stop or edit your automation at any time. 

Please note: editing an automation can cause your already collected recipients to be lost. If you must edit an automation that already has recipients, send an email to and we can restore any collected recipients after you have made your changes.

Validation Report

If the mailing is not triggered automatically despite the trigger being reached, there are several possible reasons for this.

For example:

  • missing voucher codes
  • empty fields were transferred to optilyz
  • ...

To find out this cause, you can download your Validation Report for the corresponding mailing at any time:

note: trigger of 500 was reached > mailing wasn't triggered although more than 13.000 recipients were collected > download Validation Report

Within this Validation Report you will find an error message that tells you the reason for not triggering.

Correct your automation again and push the data back to us.